Transcription for Entrepreneurs

Turn Every Speech, Presentation, YouTube or Facebook Live into an Asset for Your Business!

Tried Speech-to-Text Services?  Ready for a REAL partner? 

Who Can Resist 10 cents per minute?  

We love a good deal too!  Sign me up!  But when you spend twice the amount of time editing as you did speaking in the first place....

You realize YOUR TIME is worth so much more than the 90 cents you "saved" to have A.I. transcribe your work!

80-90% Correct??

Some auto speech to text services boast 80-90% accuracy...

Sounds good until you realize two out of every TEN words could be incorrect!  And let's face it - it's usually the errors we DON'T catch that are the most embarrassing! 

Ready for a REAL Partner? 

LiveScribes is a team of REAL live humans who take your audio file and transcribe each word with the goal of MAKING YOU LOOK GOOD!  We perfect and polish, taking out verbal stumbles and mishaps, add your logo and deliver a worry-free transcript you can be proud of!

The LiveScribes Team Has Completed Over ONE TRILLION Lines of Text!

25+ Years of Experience - All-American Staff

Actual A.I. Transcript: 

Transcripts Empower Entrepreneurs and Educators to Make Every Presentation an Asset

Live Scribes turns your audio file into a text, Word, or pdf file.  We also assign a specific account specialist to your account to make sure you receive the perfect, polished document your business deserves.

Automated speech to text services are available and are definitely cheaper if you're willing to deal with typos like "EGG NOR THAT" instead of "IGNORE THAT".  

We partner with you to empower your business to always, always, always, have something to place in your customers hands to maintain connection and build stronger relationships with your customers.  

Live Scribes' multivariate clientele, including entrepreneurs, speakers, educators, pastors, authors and YouTube personalities, speak to the power of the written word! (Pun totally intended!).

The LiveScribes Process:

Upload Your Audio

Upload your audio files via Dropbox, Google Drive or just send us a link!

Live Scribes Begin!

Your personal account specialist will be in touch to clarify your preferences and format. 

You Receive a Secure Download

Your polished document is returned to you via any means you prefer.  

LiveScribes Team Happy Customers Across Industries!

Facebook Live Pros
Professional Speakers

The LiveScribes Team Has Completed Over ONE TRILLION Lines of Text!

25+ Years of Experience - All-American Staff

Our Clients Love Us!

Jonathan Rivera CEO - The Podcast Factory

It’s hard to find someone you can trust who takes their job as seriously as you do. That’s why I’m very picky when hiring new people onto my team. I’ve partnered with many people who say they can do they work, but then don’t deliver or provide me with something I can’t use.
When I hired the Live Scribes team, I was pleased at the quality of their work.   What I like most is that they deliver on time, have great communication with me, and they're always eager to make sure I’m pleased with their work. 
I would give them my highest recommendations. They take their work as seriously as I do and that’s why I always know that I can count on them. 

Karen Mollica Risch, Author 
Hiking Ouray With Kids—And Everyone Else

“Live Scribes is a superb team that really puts their hearts and brains into the work. They are not only exacting and faithful to the words and spirit of the conversation, but clearly enjoy the adventure. I cannot praise them enough. It’s always a pleasure to work with them.”

If you don't ALWAYS have something to place in your potential customers' hands after your presentation, YOU'RE MISSING THE BOAT!

Make Every Presentation an Asset NOT a WASTED OPPORTUNITY!

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